Welcome to Paliy Patent Agency.

We specialize in protection of the products of intellectual work in Russia and abroad.

We analyse your intellectual property needs, and tell you the best way to meet them. Our priority is to find a solution that gives the maximum result within your financial and time constraints.

We understand how to make the best use of patents, intellectual property rights, and trademarks on a competitive market.

We also understand that the cost and the very possibility of defending intellectual property rights often depend on quality of the documents that protect those rights. We use innovative techniques and know-hows to ensure proper registration and protection of your rights at reasonable cost.

We look forward to using our professional skills to protect your interests.

The team at Paliy Patent Agency.



We offer a full service in Russia for:

  • Patenting of inventions and utility models;
  • Trademark registration;
  • Registeration of software and databases;
  • Registeration of transactions for patents, trademarks, software and databases;
  • Maintenance of patents and trademarks;
  • Patent and trademark disputes.